Quoth growth for startups: Growth hacking for startups.

A startup can be defined as a company or an idea in its initial stage of growth, supported by its entrepreneurial founders and developers. There are multiple ways to design promotion for a
product a founder believes in, growth hacking has proven to be one such quite efficient method.
What is growth hacking?
The term “growth hacking” was termed by the founder and CEO of the world’s leading authority
on the topic; Growth Hackers: Sean Ellis.
A relevant growth hacking definition would be that it is a trial that involves, designing,
developing, marketing mix, data analytics and so on, that helps regulate the most efficient way of
developing and growing a business at the earliest.
For a company to boost its initial market standing to appoint a growth hacker would be a smart
move, but considering the average annual growth hacker salary is about $83,562, which many
small businesses cannot afford at their starting points, here are a few techniques you can use as a
growth hacking strategy that may help boost up your startup:

  1. Make your objective clear: To succeed, in any kind of business, you have to make sure you
    stand clear with your objective. The simplest way to make your objectives clear is to write them
    down on a sheet of paper, once you have done that, construct a time frame, for example, if your
    objective is to achieve three thousand units in sales in say six months, construct a time frame and
    plan around the time frame as to how you would produce, market and sell in those six months.
    Note your objective down; remind yourself and your team if you have one, why you do what you
  2. Audience: In the era of social media, one needs to understand the importance of growing an audience. We don’t realize how easy it becomes to sell once we have an audience that wants to buy from us. Build an audience on various social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook,
    Twitter and so on. Instagram has recently picked up great marketing techniques, you can connect your profile to Facebook and convert it into a business profile after which it allows you to pay and promote your products on Instagram. The pay range starts from as low as 70rs.
  3. Quality maintenance and enhancement: Once your product starts selling, even a little bit,
    keep in mind to not only maintain but also enhance it. Study your consumers and your market,
    find out what they like, put in the effort. You can use social media to maintain direct contact with your consumers and gain feedback from them.
  4. Partnership: Another way of boosting your sales is to partner with other startups and mutually promote each other. This benefits two parties and costs nothing most of the time since
    it is, in fact, a batter trade.
    “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”

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